We embarked on the journey which eventually led to us pursuing indie-publishing about five years ago when Harri determined to pursue his lifelong ambition of becoming an outdoor writer.

Hiking was a way of life for us and the possibility of turning something he loved into a career was too appealing to ignore.

With a head brimming with ideas, Harri quickly secured his first commission for a book of circular walks on the Gower peninsula. Gower is one of our favourite destinations, and an area Harri knows extremely well, so we didn’t need too much urging to head west and start researching and writing the book.

Unfortunately, in spite of a lot of hard work, that first book of Harri’s remains unpublished today; the bitter experience taught us that traditional publishers still have the upper hand when it comes to their dealings with authors.

Fast forward several years and two print walking books later and we were feeling confident that we had enough experience to publish our own books.

We chose digital publishing because it allows us to stray off the beaten track and introduce our fellow hikers to our favourite places, many of which are not currently popular hiking areas.

Unfortunately, the British weather isn’t always kind to hikers and we are rather at its mercy as outdoor writers.  We do, however, have lots of ebooks in the pipeline and we’ll do our best to bring them to you as quickly as possible.